Virginia Women of the Moose State Information

Moose International Women of the Moose Chapter Advocate - 

Donna Smith 

(757) 651-3471



JANUARY 21, 2024

Hampton Convention Center 

1610 Coliseum Dr, Hampton, VA 23666


FEBRUARY 23, 2024

Holiday Inn Virginia Beach - Norfolk

5655 Greenwich Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Hello Sisters

I hope each and every one of you have a great Thanksgiving.  It is that time of year that we celebrate with our families and friends.  Please be safe and enjoy your time.  Let’s us not forget about our children at Mooseheart, our Seniors at Moosehaven and the soldiers fighting for us that may not be home with their families this year.  Please say an extra pray for them this season.



***ROOMS**** - will be available to be booked at 9:00 on Monday the 13th.  

1.        WOTM Luncheon

There will be a Women of the Moose luncheon in January at the Mid-Year Conference and I hope to have a WOTM session after Friday's meeting if time allows.   Tickets for the luncheon will be on sale thru the pre-registration with the VMA and there will be only an additional 25 tickets to be purchased on site at the Conference.  If you are able to pre-register, please get your luncheon ticket at the same time (this will help us plan for enough lunch meals).

**Board of Officers** if you could please get a count of the possible Sisters that may be attending the luncheon and send me this count by January 9th, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re Chapter would like to donate a gift card or a gift for a door prize at the luncheon, please let me know by January 16th. (email or call)              

2.       Academy of Friendship

This will be held on Sunday the 21st of January at 9:30.  Attached you will find the Pre-Registration form for the matriculates only.   The fee for the A/F Matriculate is $15.00 and check should be made out to the South Norfolk Chapter 947.

**** If they are only attending the A/F Session only they will not need to pre-register with the VMA 

****If going to the hospitality room or meetings, they will need to register with the VMA.

Matriculate - Info for once you’re at the Conference – 1st you will get your badge from the VMA desk and then come to the A/F desk.  We will then check you in, Initial for call card and give you you’re A/F ribbon.  (so don’t forget to bring your call card to the convention or it will cost you $5.00 for a new one)


This is right around the corner and just wanted to send out a reminder of the time frame.  The 1st meeting is in January – you will announce the nominating committee and the (2) two dates of when you will be meeting, so they can turn in their names for nomination before the meetings. (meetings are in January)

The 1st meeting in February you will read the slate of names.   (If you do not have all of the positions filled, you will read those you have.   For the vacant positions you will announce the vacant positions and date for the next nomination for those positions only.  The 1st meeting in March you will hold elections and in April your installation.

If you have any questions after reading the Nomination and Election book, please reach out to a collegiate or past officer in your chapter, Past Deputy, Trainers or myself.  It is better to do it right the 1st time than having to re-do it all over and be behind the eight ball.


Holiday Inn

5655 Greenwich Rd

Virginia Beach, VA  23462

The Chapter Rally Day will be held at the Holiday Inn- Greenwich in Va Beach on February 23, 2024   Remember you need to have someone from your chapter in attendance to get credit for the Award of Achievement.  Attached is the Pre-Registration form and if all possible could everyone please pre-registrar.  This will help us in the planning of the food, activities, having enough give away's as well as having your badge ready to get everyone in quickly.  The fee of $15.00 will cover your registration, lunch and a giveaway.

 ***If you could get me an approx. count of how many are coming from your chapter by 2/1 so I can order the giveaway, i would greatly appreciate.

1. Rooms

You will need to send in the registration form for the HRML 199 Winter Celebration if you are attending the 6 hospitality rooms or if you are planning to stay.  Rooms are 90 a night (3 options) - you can stay just Thursday only, Friday and Saturday only or Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The hotel will not allow to stay for Friday without Saturday because we have the whole hotel. 

Hospitality rooms - you will list your name on the form for your badge and the cost is 10.00 for the full weekend of fun, 

We are planning on doing the baskets again this year, so you can get started on getting it together. (some good themes are St Patrick, Easter, Summer, Beach. Money/gift card frames and so on - just have fun)

Cindy Millard will be sending a separate email out with all the info about the baskets and when she needs to know if you will be bringing a basket for the raffle.  The proceeds will go to Moose Charities - earmarked from the Virginia Chapters at Rally Day. 

***If you know of anything that you would like to be covered at the Chapter Rally Day, please let me know and I will see if we can get it in.

Just a reminder that I may not be available to answer your calls between now and the end of December.  If not, please reach out to one of the Trainers, Past Deputy's or a Collegian in your Chapter.  

I will be in Moosehaven from the 10th to the 15th.

I will be back in forth to NC thru December for a family matter. 

Thank you for your understanding and for all you do for the moose fraternity. 



Congrats to our Shining Star Winners!

Congrats to the Virginia Women of the Moose Chapters that earned their Award of Achievement for the year 2022-2023

Virginia's 1st Annual Chapter Rally Day 

Virginia's first annual Chapter Rally Day was held on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at Manchester Richmond 699 Moose Family Center.  With 238 women in attendance, the day was full of information and tons of fun. Congrats to Portsmouth Chapter 966 on winning the costume contest. 

Special Thanks to Don Ridenhour for taking such great photos of the event. Please feel free to share your photos from Rally Day by sending them to: