VMA Communications

10/22/21 - VMA Official Communication regarding Mid Year Conference Hospitality Rooms: Read Notice

10/11/21 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection October 2021), VMA Short Term Membership Campaign, Youth Awareness Merchandise Sale.

09/07/21 - VMA Official Communication regarding 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

We hope to have a much higher submission rate this year versus the previous two years-please take them time to meet with your officers and submit your nominee. Note the instructions-do not include any information that may get your nominee disqualified prior to us sending them to Moose International for final judging.

Submissions are due to the VMA Office no later than September 30, 2021. Entries may be mailed to Post Office Box 1063, Bedford, VA 24523, emailed to vmaoffice@aol.com, or faxed to 540-301-0718. Instructions on how to submit form, click: Nomination Guide. Click on button below to download form.


Artie Ransone

State Secretary

Virginia Moose Association

08/31/21- VMA Official Communication from VMA Vice President on behalf of the State President and Executive Committee

08/30/21 - VMA Official Communication from VMA Office regarding Senate Bill 1127.

08/04/2021 -

VMA Official Communication from VMA Jr Past President, Ken Kennedy (Convention details/Upcoming events)

2021 List of Shining Star Nominees announced.

07/7/2021 - Revised Virginia Moose Association By-Laws

Article VI/Section 1 regarding delegates-

Section 1. Each good standing lodge in the Association shall be entitled to be represented in the meetings of the Association who should be the President and Administrator or duly elected Alternate Representatives, plus one (1) additional delegate for each fifty (50) members on the rolls, or a majority fraction thereof. No lodge shall be entitled to a representation exceeding twenty (20) delegates, nor may cast more than 20 votes. In addition to voting "delegates", each lodge may have non voting members in attendance. Delegates shall consist of Past Presidents/Past Governors and Past Regents (all of whom earned their title prior to May 1, 2021) who are in good standing in their lodge.

If you are a Past Regent and intend to attend the upcoming State Convention, you are eligible to be added to the Delegate list and have voting rights at the event. Delegate forms have been sent to the lodges. Please advise your lodge Administrator and/or President if you are intending and would like to be added to the list as a voting Delegate.

06/4/2021 - Virginia Moose Association Office will be closed from June 7-21, 2021

04/14/2021 - Virginia Moose Association Mid Year Virtual Mid Year Conference Agenda.

03/02/2021 - Virginia-Higher Degree Polo Shirts - Legion, Fellow and Pilgrim - An order will be placed with our VMA Merchandise supplier on March 30, 2021. If you are interested, please contact Jerry Lloyd for an order form or to discuss an order. 804-472-2450