VMA Communications

05/06/22 - VMA Official Communication from VMA Activities Chairperson Chairman, Leslie Cudd

Please find shown below the guidelines for hosting VMA Sporting Events. Should your lodge be interested in hosting any events in 2023, please follow those guidelines for submission. All requests MUST be received by September 30, 2022. Please submit via email to lcudd1@verizon.net. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or the VMA office.


1. Requests to host sporting events must be submitted in writing to include signature of all current board members. Deadline for submission is September 30 of the year prior to events.

2. Lodges will submit a $350 hosting fee to the Association, due within one week of the conclusion of the event.

3. Lodges wishing to host events must have participated in the event the year prior to hosting

4. It is the responsibility of the host lodges to procure housing/hotel accommodations for the event, as well as any flyers, advertising, or information regarding the event for distribution or posting. It is also the responsibility of the host lodge to provide any prizes or trophies to be awarded. The success of your event is largely based on “advertising” on Virginia Moose Association social media site, website, as well as bulk emails to lodges with details of the event. The sooner you are prepared for your event, the sooner it can be promoted to increase participation and revenue.


Leslie Cudd

Activities Chairperson

Virginia Moose Association

04/28/22 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection May 2022)