Virginia Moose Association        

District 13 

Board of Officers

President - Eugene Ward, Jr, Tazewell County 198

Secretary - Billy Snodgrass, Washington County 1966

Vice President - Calvin Romans, Smyth County 1004

Past President - Dwane Heath, Smyth County 1004

Treasurer - Jason Jones, Smyth County 1004

Chaplain - David Pruitt, Tazewell County 198

Sgt. at Arms

Asst. Sgt. at Arms

Inner/Outer Guards 

Committee Chairman

Audit: Harry Nolley, Tazewell County 198

Government Relations: Carter McGlothlin, Washington County 1966

Heart of the Community: David Pruitt, Tazewell County 198

Activities: Ronnie Hatfield, Tazewell 198

Membership/Retention: Bill Meade, Washington County 1966

Moose Charities: Billy Snodgrass, Washington County 1966

Moose Legion: Ronnie Hatfield, Tazewell County 198

Publications: Ronnie Hatfield, Tazewell 198

Special Olympics: Calvin Romans, Smyth County 1004

Sports: Roger Toney, Tazewell County 198

Safe Sufin': Gene Ward Jr, Tazewell County 198

Valued Veterans: Ronnie Hatfield, Tazewell County 198

Massey Cancer: Willard Akers, Tazewell County 198

Youth Awareness: Gene Ward, Tazewell County 198

Endowment Fund: Joe Varney Jr, Washington County 1966

District Member Units

Tazewell County 198

President - Roger Dean Toney

Administrator - Harry Nolley

Chapter 1803

Sr Regent - 

Treasurer - Azalee Grindstaff

Smyth County 1004

President - Truman Frye

Administrator - Ernie Atwell

Chapter 66

Sr Regent - Terri Tidwell

Treasurer - Rhonda Frye

Washington County 1966

President - Donnie Compton

Administrator - Billy Gene Snodgrass

Chapter 2019

Sr Regent - Susan Compton

Treasurer - Brenda Varney

District Meetings

All officers meetings start at 5:00pm with the regular membership meeting to start at 6:00pm.





Email: billysnodgrass3@yahoo.com

Virginia Moose Association District #13

15510 Chantilly Way

Abingdon, VA 24210

Phone (276) 698-9581

If materials on this page are not shown or are out of date, please contact the District Secretary to have him provide updated materials to the Virginia Moose website. Information can be e-mailed to: webmaster@virginiamoose.net