Virginia Moose Association        

District 1 

Board of Officers

President - Brook Archambeau, Portsmouth 898

Secretary - Donna Smith, South Norfolk 464

Vice President - Nancy Crum, Portsmouth 898

Past President - David Herrin, Portsmouth 898

Treasurer - Donna Smith, South Norfolk 464

Chaplain - Dave Henry, Aragona Village 1198

Sgt. at Arms

Asst. Sgt. at Arms

Inner/Outer Guards 

Committee Chairman

Massey Cancer: Rebecca Weeks

Children's Hospital: Jimmy Balkcum, Portsmouth 898

Government Relations: Hal Pitts, Suffolk 141

Heart of the Community: Jess Yoakum, Portsmouth 898

Higher Degrees: Jim Gridley, South Norfolk 464

Membership/Retention: Joseph Yoder

Moose Charities: Denise Clausen, Aragona Village 1198

Moose Legion: Bob Benjamin, Portsmouth 898

Special Olympics: David Herrin, Portsmouth 898

Activities/Sports: Butch Kilber, South Norfolk 464

Valued Veterans: John Chavan, Portsmouth 898

Communications: Brooke Archambeau, Portsmouth 898

Youth Awareness: Brooke Archambeau, Portsmouth 898

Raffle: Donna Smith, South Norfolk 464

Safe Surfin': Dorothy Howell, Portsmouth 898

District Member Units

Suffolk 141

President - Kevin Myrick

Administrator - Susan Pruitt

Chapter 1315

Sr Regent - Patricia McGinley

Treasurer - Lisa Baines

South Norfolk 464

President - Butch Kilber

Administrator - James Gridley

Chapter 947

Sr Regent - Goldie L. Baughman

Treasurer - Shelly Abson

Exmore 683

President - Kenneth Robbins, Jr.

Administrator - Mark Donahoe

Portsmouth 898

President - Jeannette Logan

Administrator - Nancy Crum, Treasurer

Chapter 966

Sr Regent - Tracy Moseley

Treasurer - Samantha Miller

Aragona Village 1198

President - David Henry

Administrator - Paul Clausen

Chapter 684

Sr Regent - Nina Allen

Treasurer - Denise Clausen

District Meetings

All officers meetings start at 11:00am with the regular membership meeting to start at noon.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2023


DECEMBER 10, 2023


MARCH 10, 2024


JUNE 23, 2024

If materials on this page are not shown or are out of date, please contact the District Secretary to have him provide updated materials to the Virginia Moose website. Information can be e-mailed to: webmaster@virginiamoose.net