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VMA Official Communication from VMA Government Relations Chairman Brook Archambeau

URGENT: Please reach out to Governor Youngkin TODAY and ask him to keep predatory skill game machines out of Virginia.  SB212 is currently awaiting the Governor's action and we want him to VETO the bill.

Emailing the Governor is easy using the tool below.

Filling out the form will take you less than a minute to complete.


Thank you for your help in urging the Governor to VETO this harmful legislation!

Brooke Archambeau

VMA Government Relations Chair


VMA Official Communication from VMA Government Relations Chairman Brook Archambeau


Please use the following template to contact each Delegate on the list via email TODAY OR TOMORROW. The bill comes up for consideration on Tuesday. Use the subject heading for your email to read as:  SUPPORT HB523

Delegate Last name, 

My name is _______ with ___(lodge name)____ Moose Lodge _#_. Virginia has 83 local Moose Lodges with 66,000 members. Local Moose lodges are in every region of the Commonwealth.

The Moose are volunteer-led service organizations. We are dedicated to serving our members and our communities. The Moose is one of the largest and most charitable fraternal organizations in Virginia. We have contributed millions of dollars and given hundreds of thousands of volunteer service hours across the Commonwealth. Massey Cancer Center, Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU, veterans organizations such as VetsHouse, local youth sports leagues, local law enforcement and emergency response agencies, and our local schools are just a few of the worthy charitable organizations we support with funds we raise through charitable gaming.

The Moose use Virginia's charitable gaming laws to raise funds to support our charitable efforts to serve our members and our communities. The gaming we engage in is approved by the Virginia General Assembly and regulated by VDACS (Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services).

I am writing to request that you support HB523, Delegate Krizek's charitable gaming bill, when it comes in front of the General Laws this week. Senator Bryce Reeves is the Patron of the identical Senate bill, SB344.

The Krizek and Reeves charitable gaming bills will help our organizations raise the funds needed to assist our members and Virginians in need.

Thank you for your consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions.




____Lodge name and number___


VMA Official Communication from VMA Government Relations Chairman Brook Archambeau


The Senate Subcommittee meets Tuesday morning to consider our bill.

Please call the Senators on this list and urge them to support Senate Bill 344 (Reeves).

You may also email them (see the list) and request the following (use these words):

Dear Senator _______:

I am __(name)___ from _______ Moose. Our lodge is part of the Virginia Moose Association, which comprises 66,000 members and 83 lodges. We are one of the most charitable organizations in the Commonwealth and are able to do this because of charitable gaming efforts in our lodges.

Our fraternal system requires that lodges provide social activities and recreational opportunities for our members. To do this, we need to be able to use gaming proceeds to maintain our facilities and pay for food and entertainment to continue traditional fundraising efforts and provide a safe place for our members and their children.

We urge you to pass SB344, which will allow us to use proceeds from charitable gaming that is collected solely by our members to provide for our fraternal purposes and lodge upkeep in order to help us keep supporting our children at Mooseheart, seniors at Moosehaven, and our local communities.

___your name________

___your title__________

___your lodge_________

___your contact info___

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