At the 84th Virginia Moose Association Annual State Convention in Hampton, Virginia, Territory Manager, Chris Roberson gave the Members of the Association a challenge. 

For a donation, Tommy can visit your Lodge, along with a VMA Executive Board Member Companion of your choice, who will in return, sign up as a member of your Lodge. The funds from all of Tommy's travels will be donated to Moose Charities or a another non-profit organization on behalf of the Virginia Moose Association. 

See the Adventures of Tommy Moose below: 

At the 2022 Virginia Moose Association Mid-year Conference in Norfolk, Virginia Tommy Moose was at it again, raising money for Moose Charities. He had a few mishaps along the way (being kidnapped at one point), but at the end of the weekend, he raised over $24,000.00.

The following pics are of the VMA Executive Committee picking up donations from Daniel and Jennifer Humphries at Erwin Moose Lodge 939 for Safe Surfin' Foundation and the Moosehaven AAA Project.  Many Thanks for the $2,500.00 contribution to Safe Surfin' and the $1,00.00 contribution to the Moosehaven AAA project.

At the 2022 Virginia Moose Association Annual Convention in Hampton, Virginia, Tommy Moose was spotted all over the Tidewater area. From hanging out in the VMA Hospitality Room to visiting local Lodges to even being locked in a hotel room. He was also caught dancing in the sheets with a new friend. What will he be up to next?!

2023 Virginia Moose Association Mid Year Conference in Hampton, Virginia, Tommy Moose was again sneaking around the VMA Hospitality Room. This time tied up tightly to his chaperones until someone paid a high ransome to send him into the arms of another lucky Moose Member. His is currently spending time at Manchester Richmond 699 working on retention!

Tommy Moose was invited to Virginia's Women of the Moose 2023 Rally Day held in Roanoke, Virginia March 4, 2023.  

Tommy raised over $1300 for VCU Children's Hospital since the VMA Mid Year Conference. At the 2023 Virginia Moose Association State Convention in Hampton, Virginia, Tommy ditched Vicki Carter and jumped right into the arms of our Convention's Official Visitor, Bethany Bowser, Moose International Senior Compliance Officer. He then went "Back in Time" to the 80's at the 25 Club Appreciation Dinner with Antler's Chaplain, Cindy King. Tommy currently resides for the next 6 months with VMA Communications Chairman, Bonnie Kidwell. I wonder if we'll see Tommy in Martinsville this October wearing his Ross Chastain fan gear?