Virginia Moose Association        

District 7 

Board of Officers

President - David Furry, Clifton Forge 1683

Secretary - Leslie Lawson, Covington 610

Vice President - Paula Crance, Clifton Forge 1683

Past President


Chaplain - Tom Mohler, Lexington 1700

Sgt. at Arms - Eric Huddleston, Covington 610 

Asst. Sgt. at Arms

Inner/Outer Guards 

Committee Chairman

Government Relations: Leslie Lawson, Covington 610

Heart of the Community: Eric Huddleston, Covington 610 

Higher Degrees: Leslie Lawson, Covington 610

Membership: Tom Mohler, Lexington 1700

Activities: Rick Siler, Buchanan 2182

Safe Surfin': Doris Sibold, Lexington 1700

Moose Charities: Jeff Welch, Buchanan 2182

Moose Legion: David Furry, Clifton Forge 1683

Special Projects: Tom Mohler, Lexington 1700

Valued Veterans: Sheilia Bolton, Clifton Forge 1683

Tips and Caps: Leslie Lawson, Covington 610

Youth Awareness: Eric Huddleston, Covington 610

Special Olympics: B.A. Fridley, Covington 610

Communications/Publications: Paula Crance, Clifton Forge 1683

District Member Units

Covington 610

President - Shawn O'Conner

Administrator - Leslie Lawson

Clifton Forge 1683

President - Paula Crance

Administrator - David Furry

Chapter 22

Sr Regent - Sheila Bolton

Treasurer - Paula Crance

Lexington 1700

President - Doris Sibold

Administrator - Thomas Mohler

Chapter 1741

Sr Regent-


Buchanan 2182

President - Rick Siler

Administrator - Jeff Welch

District Meetings

All officers meetings start at 1:00pm with the regular membership meeting to start at 2:00pm.


April 16, 2023


June 18, 2023

Email: Bucket1@Yahoo.com

Virginia Moose Association District #7

2605 Dogwood Ave, Covington, Virginia 24426

Phone (540) 969-8453

If materials on this page are not shown or are out of date, please contact the District Secretary to have him provide updated materials to the Virginia Moose website. Information can be e-mailed to: webmaster@virginiamoose.net