VMA Official Communications 2021-2022

03/31/22 - VMA Official Communication from Government Relations Chairman, Brook Archambeau


 Brothers and Sisters:

We, along with the other major charitable organizations in the state, are finalizing a letter to be hand delivered to the Governor and need your assistance.

There is power in numbers, and they need to know that we as Moose vehemently oppose HB763 and SB403.  Each of the large organizations are collecting signatures from local and state leaders as quickly as possible to be placed on one large letter (think the signature columns on the Declaration of Independence and Constitution) to be hand delivered to the Governor next week.  

The fastest way to do this is for DISTRICT PRESIDENTS, LODGE ADMINISTRATORS, and LODGE PRESIDENTS to send a PHOTO OF YOUR SIGNATURE ALONG WITH YOUR TITLE AND LODGE NAME AND NUMBER to Brooke via text at 757-407-0034 OR by email to mathteacher2b@aol.com.  I will post the letter as soon as it is finalized with your signatures and all others attached so that you will have a copy for your records and to present to your lodges.

Thank you for your QUICK response to this call to action so that we can proceed as quickly as possible and deliver a professional document with many signatures that show our Moose pride and opposition to these harmful pieces of legislation.

Fraternally yours,

Brooke Archambeau

Government Relations Chair

03/31/22 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection April 2022)

03/10/22 - VMA Official Communication from Moose Charities Chairman, Don Ridenhour

Brothers and Sisters!

I'm proud to report that we have exceeded our goal for the Mooseheart Activities Center Project with a total of $430,563.30

Thank you all for your hard work in getting this accomplished. I'm sure there will be a new project coming soon so ask your Lodges to please be ready, when that time comes, to show how the VMA always reaches their goals!

I have included the Endowment report and we still have some Lodges who didn't send any in and since it is getting near the end of the year we must make sure those who have missed two do not miss any more. We have nine Lodges who missed three or more and will not qualify for the Premier Lodge Award. Some of those made their goals for giving yet missed too many endowments.

I've also included the latest per capita report. With the end of the year coming it is crunch time on meeting the goals for the Premier Lodge Award. Some Lodges are very close so look over the last column of the report and see what is needed and let your Lodges know what they need to do to reach their goal. This report does not include any money sent in March but they should try to exceed the number in the last column to make sure they are covered. We have 43 Lodges that have exceeded their goals and many more who are very close. Let's try to get as many as we can qualified.

Thank you for all you do and for all of your help!


Don Ridenhour

VMA Moose Charities Chairman

03/08/22 - VMA Official Communication from Government Relations Chairman, Brook Archambeau


 Despite the efforts of all charities in the state that use charitable gaming in any form, the House and Senate conference committees have failed to reach compromises on a bill (or bills) that we can live with.  Senator Reeves has dominated the Senate when it comes to these bills and got them both passed with no resistance there.  The House, however, held a 51-49 vote last week and forced these to conference committee.  Since the House has more natural opposition to these bills, we are focusing our efforts there.  

Please have your members call their own Delegate (list attached) and explain the reasons that charities such as ours are opposed to BOTH SB403 and HB763. There is a substitute bill for HB763 that will be voted on the floor as early as tomorrow (Wednesday, 3/9/22).  I just received the text today and am attaching it as well.  Here are the reasons we OPPOSE this bill as well as SB403:

If  you don't know who your local legislator is, please go to https://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/ ;and enter your address.  Remember, we are focusing on the HOUSE OF DELEGATES to kill this bill.  Thank you for your time and efforts in securing the future of charitable gaming for our fraternity.


Gratefully yours,

Brooke Archambeau

VMA Government Relations

02/25/22 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection March 2022)

02/25/22 - VMA Official Communication from State Chapter Advocate, Donna Smith - Virginia WOTM Chapter Rally Day!

Good afternoon Sisters,

Please email me a count of the number of co-workers that will be attending from your chapter by March 1st.

I need this count so I can let the hostess chapter know how may to plan for lunch.

Attached you will find the pre-registration form.  Please have them back to me by March 9th at the latest.

Chapter Rally Day will begin sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 on March 19th.  The meeting will be

held at the Manchester Richmond Moose lodge which should be large enough to hold us all. 

Lunch will be provided as part of the registration.  If you are staying Saturday night, the Moose Legion

will be serving dinner that night at a cost.

Don't forget to let Cynthia know if your Chapter is bringing a Basket to be raffled off for Moose Charities.

I am asking each chapter to bring a gift Card of $20 to $25.00 to be giving away as door prizes.  If you

would like to bring a wrap gift around that amount is okay as well.   I will also have some door prices

to give away. 

Is your Chapter dress up as a theme or maybe all alike?   I can't wait to see all of you.


***just a note ---go by your LCL # for you honors this year.  More news on that to come. 

02/17/22 - VMA Official Communication from Moose Charities Chairman, Don Ridenhour

Brothers and Sisters,

Here are the Moose Charities reports as of 1/31/22. Please look the Endowment Report over and help the lodges get their endowment in on time. That's all I'm going to say on that subject.

We have exceeded our goal on the Mooseheart Activity Center Project by contributing over $423,000.00. Please take the time to congratulate those who went above and beyond to help us reach our goal. I gave you a copy in excel showing what was contributed by each fraternal unit. Personal contributions by individual members are included in the Lodge totals. This was a great example of all units working together to reach our goal. I'm sure we will have another project soon to begin working on so tell your Lodges to start working on ways to raise funds when the time comes!

Lastly, I have included the Total Giving report. Some numbers went down this time and I'm not sure why. They have a new person at Moose Charities and we are working on getting on the same page on what is included in the report. We only have two months left to reach our goals in order to qualify for the Premier Lodge Awards so get with your Lodges and see what it will take to get them over the top. As of this date we have 41 who have either hit the $1 more mark or the per capita amount necessary to qualify. This report is just a guide to help get there and the last number is the minimum needed. Be sure to check with your Territory Manager as the time gets closer to insure your numbers are right.

Thank you for all you do!


Don Ridenhour

VMA Moose Charities Chairman

12/27/21 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection January 2022), VMA Chairmen and District Updates and much more!

01/27/22 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection February 2022)

01/25/22 - VMA Official Communication from Government Relations Chairman, Brook Archambeau


Please read the information below.  It is IMPERATIVE that the Moose fraternity is well  represented and speak up to support/oppose the bills as shown below. Failure to get our point across could result in drastic changes with charitable gaming as we know it. If anyone is able to attend, PLEASE contact Brooke at the email shown below.  PLEASE ensure the lodges are aware of this, and as State Officers of the Association, please encourage attendance at this event, and ALSO contacting the proper Delegate/Senator for your area to voice your opinion.  The fight to maintain our gaming goes all the way back to the late 90's-and we MUST continue to do our part.  One loss will pave the way for further negative changes in the future. 

Brothers and Sisters:


The Virginia General Assembly is underway and there are over 30 pieces of legislation related to charitable gaming in the Commonwealth.  Not all of them affect us, but of particular interest are the following:


HB763 and companion bill SB403 – Provides that electronic gaming be limited to social quarters of qualified organizations and that all receipts attributable to electronic gaming be reported to VDACS and subject to application, audit, and administrative fees.  The law also prohibits the operation of any games off premises.

 Our position – OPPOSE AS WRITTEN.  If they MUST regulate social quarters gaming, it be done on NET proceeds only, not GROSS proceeds.  The way this is written, the wording states “ALL”, which is too vague and gives VDACS the authority to change the regulation arbitrarily.  This is being opposed by ALL fraternal and veterans organizations.

HB764 and companion bill SB394 – Provides that VDACS can enact regulations over Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments held by qualified organizations and that no organization may conduct a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament that pays a cash prize and has no predetermined end time.  The bill further prohibits qualified organizations from contracting with any operator to conduct these tournaments.

HB765 and companion bill SB402 – Puts all regulation and policy in the hands of VDACS and gives the former Charitable Gaming Board an advisory capacity only.

o   Our position – Support elimination of conflicts of interest on board.

HB766 and companion bill SB401 – Closes loopholes for illegal gaming activity currently taking place across the Commonwealth; Creates a position of Illegal Gaming Enforcement Coordinator to work under VDACS.

o   Our position – support closing these loopholes because illegal gaming negatively affects charitable gaming!

SB462: Introduces legalized VGTs (Video Gaming Terminals) to be regulated under the Lottery Board (which the bill renames the Lottery and Gaming Board).

o   Our position – oppose VGTs as competition for charitable gaming AND casinos.  The casino lobby is handling this one as well.


As the session continues, there will be additional bills filed that pertain to our charitable gaming operations.  For now, make sure that you are keeping up with permits, etc. and have members be on the lookout for forthcoming pre-worded correspondence to send to their Delegate and Senator. 


 Additionally, the VCGC Lobby Day will be on February 1, 2022.  Details have been sent to all lodges and chapters in the hope that many of you are able to attend and tell legislators about the good that we are able to do in our communities at large due to fundraising through charitable gaming.  If you are interested in attending, please email Brooke Archambeau at matheacher2b@aol.com with your name, phone number, email address, and lodge name/number.  We would like to have representation from Moose across the state to participate with this lobby day.  Please refer to the email forwarded to all lodges and chapters on 1/20/22 for specific information of time and location.  VCGC is willing to cover a light breakfast and lunch as well as parking for those that go to help lobby on behalf of charitable gaming.

01/21/22 - VMA Official Communication from Moose Charities Chairman, Don Ridenhour

Brothers and Sisters,

Attached you will find the Endowment and Per Capita reports as of 12/31/21. Please look these over and share them with your Lodges. We did a little better on Endowment with 77 Lodges reporting but we can do even better if we all work together. Talk to the ones having trouble and see if you can help them set something up as was discussed at mid-year to get them back on track. 

Use the per Capita report to get your Lodges qualified for the Premier Lodge Award. Don't just rely on this report but talk to your Territory Managers to get the latest from their reports as well. And whatever you do don't wait until the last minute to get this done. With the mail, Covid, and other things we can never tell when something might come up so be prepared.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll help you any way that I can. Thank you for all you do!


Don Ridenhour

VMA Moose Charities Chairman

12/27/21 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection January 2022), VMA Chairmen and District Updates and much more!

12/18/21 - VMA Official Communication from Moose Charities Chairman, Don Ridenhour

Brothers and Sisters,

Attached you will find the latest Endowment and MAC Project reports as of 11/30/21. They are having some personnel changes at Moose Charities due to a retirement and I don't have the per capita report at this time. You can use last month's to get the info you need to check in with your Lodges on their progress. We lost another Lodge from the Premier Lodge Award list due to not sending in their Endowment for the third time. Let's work hard to see that no more miss sending it in on time. One way to do this is for the Lodge to set up an automatic bill pay through their bank to send in a set amount to Moose Charities each month. They can send in a minimal amount each month to insure they don't miss a payment and then send in anything they collect over that amount at a later date without the worry of not getting it in on time. Please look at the Lodges in your District and make sure that everyone understands the importance of their endowment contributions. Everyone should be collecting and sending it in promptly as it is not their money!

On a brighter note, if you look at the MAC report you will see we have almost reached our goal with the end in sight. We should be able to exceed our goal by mid-year and start saving for the next big project!! They have already begun work on the Activities Center and are moving right along. The other infrastructure work is also underway and should be completed soon.

Hopefully they will have a new person in place at Moose Charities by the first of the year to send our reports so we can get those Lodges still in the running qualified for the Premier Lodge Award. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I will see you all in January at Norfolk!

Thank you for all you do and if you have any questions feel free to call me any time!


Don Ridenhour

VMA Moose Charities Chairman

12/14/21 - VMA Official Communication from Heart of the Communicy Chairman, Dwayne Whited: 

Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, Western Kentucky and several other states were recently affected by devastating tornados late last week.  Especially hard hit was Mayfield, KY which suffered loss of life and major property destruction.  As we have done in the past, the Virginia Moose Association will be there for our neighbors.  Our communications with the Kentucky and Tennessee Moose Associations indicate that monetary donations are the preferred way to help currently.

For those that would like to donate, please forward your check to:

Virginia Moose Association 

PO Box 1063

Bedford, VA 24523.

Please be sure to indicate in the memo “Western KY Tornado”.

After donations are received at the VMA office, one check will be forwarded to the Kentucky Moose Association and all donations will be used in Western Kentucky.  Also please keep in mind to record your donation on your Heart of the Community report.

Thank you for what you do and are going to do and thank you for upholding our mission as a Moose of doing some good thing for someone each day!



Dwayne Whited

VMA Heart of the Community Chairman

11/29/21 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection December 2021), VMA Chairmen and District Updates and much more!

10/28/21 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection November 2021), VMA Short Term Membership Campaign, Government Relations Update, and much more!

10/22/21 - VMA Official Communication regarding Mid Year Conference Hospitality Rooms: Read Notice

10/11/21 - VMA Official Communication from Communications Chairman, Judy Kennedy (Communication Connection October 2021), VMA Short Term Membership Campaign, Youth  Awareness Merchandise Sale.

09/07/21 - VMA Official Communication regarding 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

We hope to have a much higher submission rate this year versus the previous two years-please take them time to meet with your officers and submit your nominee. Note the instructions-do not include any information that may get your nominee disqualified prior to us sending them to Moose International for final judging. 

Submissions are due to the VMA Office no later than September 30, 2021. Entries may be mailed to Post Office Box 1063, Bedford, VA  24523, emailed to vmaoffice@aol.com, or faxed to 540-301-0718.  Instructions on how to submit form, click: Nomination Guide. Click on button below to download form.


Artie Ransone

State Secretary

Virginia Moose Association 

08/31/21- VMA Official Communication from VMA Vice President on behalf of the State President and Executive Committee

08/30/21 - VMA Official Communication from VMA Office regarding Senate Bill 1127.

08/04/2021 - 

 VMA Official Communication from VMA Jr Past President, Ken Kennedy (Convention details/Upcoming events)

2021 List of Shining Star Nominees announced.

07/7/2021 - Revised Virginia Moose Association By-Laws

Article VI/Section 1 regarding delegates-

Section 1. Each good standing lodge in the Association shall be entitled to be represented in the meetings of the Association who should be the President and Administrator or duly elected Alternate Representatives, plus one (1) additional delegate for each fifty (50) members on the rolls, or a majority fraction thereof.  No lodge shall be entitled to a representation exceeding twenty (20) delegates, nor may cast more than 20 votes. In addition to voting "delegates", each lodge may have non voting members in attendance. Delegates shall consist of Past Presidents/Past Governors and Past Regents (all of whom earned their title prior to May 1, 2021) who are in good standing in their lodge.

If you are a Past Regent and intend to attend the upcoming State Convention, you are eligible to be added to the Delegate list and have voting rights at the event.  Delegate forms have been sent to the lodges. Please advise your lodge Administrator and/or President if you are intending and would like to be added to the list as a voting Delegate. 

06/4/2021 - Virginia Moose Association Office will be closed from June 7-21, 2021

04/14/2021 - Virginia Moose Association Mid Year Virtual Mid Year Conference Agenda.

03/02/2021 - Virginia-Higher Degree Polo Shirts - Legion, Fellow and Pilgrim - An order will be placed with our VMA Merchandise supplier on March 30, 2021. If you are interested, please contact Jerry Lloyd for an order form or to discuss an order. 804-472-2450